HiHiTown & Kintetsu Department Store ・・・Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


HiHiTown & Kintetsu Department Store ・・・Blog of a Hotel in Uehommachi


Greetings from Hotel International House Osaka. This is Mathew here to tell you about some of the areas around our hotel that you can go to if you are not in the mood to go somewhere within walking distance. While traveling, you are of course going to go see the big sights. Or, if you are just staying somewhere for a night or two and need something to do that doesn’t involve sitting in the hotel room and enjoying the amenities provided, you need to find something to do that doesn’t take up much time. You may also be wondering where to go for dinner or lunch and want to know what kind of good restaurants are in the area. Well, whatever your reason might be, there are plenty of places that you can go to fill your time and your stomach.


When you are looking for somewhere to eat, most of the time you want find something that tastes fantastic. Sometimes its hard to decide what kind of food you want to try. You may want to try something new, or to indulge in one of your favorite foods. Either way, it I nice to have plenty of variety to choose from when making your careful decision of what to eat for the night. Our suggestion is to go to HiHiTown, which is only a 7-minute walk from our hotel, and right next to the train station. They have tons of different foods to choose from including things like traditional Japanese food, Chinese food, or sushi. Whatever you are in the mood for, HiHiTown is sure to have it. We also have a flyer the lists all of the different restaurants, so if this interests you, feel free to ask about it at check-in.



If you find yourself without any plans for the evening, and don’t feel like going far from the hotel to find something interesting to do, there is always the classical option of window shopping. It is always interesting to see what kind of stuff you might find or what kind of interesting souvenirs you might be able to find. Well, we have you covered on this one as well. The Kintetsu Department Store is right across the street from HiHiTown, and they not only have different restaurants that you can go to, but they have tons of stores you can visit and look around it. They have different clothing stores, toy store, and even a furnishing store that might be of interest.



Overall, there are plenty of stores nearby that you can take a gander at, and there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat. All within seven minutes of our hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay!




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