Tsuribunechayazauo(fishing restaurant)・・・ Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Tsuribunechayazauo(fishing restaurant)・・・ Blog of hotel in Uehommachi



Greeting from Hotel International House Osaka, this is front desk Shirley here.


Today i would like to introduce an interesting fishing restaurant.

It's a restaurant that you fish your own dinner.

Don't worry, if you really can't catch one, you can still order from the menu.

Then you will not have the joy of fishing your own dinner then.

I have been there  twice already, and i have caught one of the most expensive fish at my first time.


It was a very hilarious experience that i was so unexpected that i could be able to catch such an expensive fish.

Ar first, I was doing it for fun, minutes later i caught it effortlessly.

You get to choose how to cook with the fish,  sashimi ,deep fried or cook.



Take a look at the interior design, isnt it super cute!!!!  They made it into a scene that makes you feel like you really are fishing by the sea.

(Picture resource:https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E9%87%A3%E8%88%B9%E8%8C%B6%E



(Picture resource:https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E9%87%A3%E8%88%B9%E8%8C%



ved=0ahUKEwiiq62Vl4DcAhULTLwKHTitDIAQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=613#imgrc=4Ht2ShlMnoEQ_M: )


If you want to know more about this restaurant, here is the homepage down below.


Take the Kintetsu from Uehommachi station to Nipponbashi. Find the exit 6, it will take you like five minutes by walk.

It is very popuplar among the tourists, so i will suggest you to make the reservation beforehand.





Hope you have a good day. Dont forget to follow us.




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