Kamakura nama pasta ・・・・Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi

Kamakura nama pasta ・・・・Blog of Hotel in Uehommachi



Greeting from Hotel International House Osaka, this is front desk Shirley here.

Today I would like to introduce the raw pasta.

From the look of the raw pasta and the normal pasta, it seriously look pretty much the same.

Even me, as a pasta lover, never have I ever tried the raw pasta.

Since, it is kind of famous and was highly recommended by my friend, here i am in the Kamakuma raw pasta restaurant.    


These are the thing that i order the other day.

To be honest, i am always more fond of not so chewy type of  pasta,my first bite was like okay,

the more i ate, the more i enjoy the texture, it turns out quite good.





 They also sell pizza,salad appetizer and bread that all you can eat.




(Picture resource:https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E9%8E%8C%E5%80%89%E3%83%91




 This unlikes the spaghetti that you may have eaten before, so if you are now traveling in Japan, this can be one of the option that

you could give it a try.



(Picture resource:https://www.google.co.jp/search?q=%E9%8E%8C%E5%80%89%E3%83%91%E3%82%B9%E3%82%B



I bet you will never be able to have  fermented soybeans noodles  in any other countires besides Japan.

All in all, it is a pretty famous chain store of raw pasta, you get to find it in some of the department stores.

There is one right in the Uehommachi Yufura, it will only take you 8 minutes by walk from our hotel.

Also, five minutes walk from Tanimachi9chome station.



 Here is the homepage, just in case you are interested too.






 Hope you have a good day. Dont forget to follow us.




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