Osaka Museum of Housing and Living... Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Osaka Museum of Housing and Living... Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


 Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff June here.


Today I would like to introduce a special museum called “Osaka Museum of Housing and Living”,

It not only displays the information of the history of Osaka, but the guests can also experience the history of Osaka. It seems like a theme park of Osaka History. Have you thought about walking in a street of Edo-period with traditional kimono? Let’s see how this museum brings us back in time!


You can find a life-sized reproduction of the town of Osaka in the 1830s in this museum. All the guests can just walk around the street and experience the live in that period, you may find a Chinese import store, a bookstore and a traditional make-up store…etc. It seems like you are really wandering in the Edo period, you may actually enter the house or try to play the toys in the traditional toy shop! The projection of the sky, decorations and the lightings will change in different periods, you may enjoy it throughout all day. There are also models which are displaying the history of Osaka in different periods of time, and it is a great opportunity to learn more about Japan and Osaka!



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There is a corner which the guests can try on the traditional Kimono, and it only costs 500 Japanese Yen.You may wear the Kimono and walk around the street of Edo period, it will be great to take a lot of wonderful photos!


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Our hotel would be a great choice of accommodation for your stay in Osaka with easy access to the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living:


Walk around 5-10 minutes from our hotel to Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka station (T26) and take the subway (Tanimachi Line) to the Tenjimbashisuiji6-chome(T18) station.


Hope you have a wonderful experience in Osaka!



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