Japanese New Year... Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Japanese New Year... Blog of hotel in Uehommachi


Greeting from Hotel International House, Osaka. This is front desk staff June here. 

Today I would like to introduce the traditional customs and events of celebrating the New Year in Japan, which are very fascinating and attractive.


The Japanese New Year is called Shōgatsuin Japanese, the New Year's Day is on January 1, and Japanese will go to the Shrine for the first visit in the new year, which called Hatsumōde. They will make wishes for the new year and buy the new omamori, and also drawing the fortune slip to test their luck for the coming year.


(Picture Source: http://m-news.xyz/3718/)



Japanese eat a selection of food during new year which called osechi-ryōri, the history of those food could be traced back to Heian Period. Nowadays, there are different types of osechi-ryōriand all of them are specially made for the celebration of the new year. The other traditional food Japanese prepare for the new year is zōni, which is a Japanese soup containing mochi rice cake and other additions, for example, chicken, fish or meatballs, this food is strongly related to the Japanese New Year, and different regions of Japan have different style of making and preparing it.



 (Picture Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_New_Year#/media/File:Oseti.jpg)


There are other traditional customs of Japanese New Year, for example sending New Year postcards, the bell ringing on December 31, giving the otoshidama (money) to the children and playing traditional games…etc.


If you are interested in the traditional events of Japanese New Year, please come and enjoy this wonderful festival!



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